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You ever wonder if Lysander has off days where he’s just too tired to put on all of his elaborate clothing so he just says screw it and goes to school in some loose jeans and a T-shirt?

Or maybe he just threw out any clothes that don’t meet his fashion standards?

These are the questions that keep me up at night.


I’m just hoping that the more we see of Lucy, the more we can kind of move past how slut-shamey the Deborah Arc was and have a flirty character who isn’t like that to contrast with how “virginal” the Candies are (by default) and make it clear through juxtaposition who is the better girl

Pop-ups on Beemove Sites →



This post is also a question, and I would appreciate if a few of you would take the time to also message/ask me about this topic as well.

Lately, on MCL, and any other Beemove site, I’m taken to other sites (that could possibly leave viruses), when I try to move around the websites. I’ve…

Hey there!

The beemoov sites shouldn’t have pop-ups from what I’m aware of. Especially if they are asking for money (I haven’t been on in a while, but when I went back recently everything seemed to be fine.) The only times that MCL really asks for money, or has pop-ups is during special holidays, or when you manually go to the in-game bank to fuel up on Action Points. It’s most likely a virus from what I can understand. Can you describe what the pop-ups say? Is it only on beemoov sites?

I would do a virus scan just in case. If that doesn’t work, I would do a system restore. A system restore would be a last resort option though, but it does the job pretty well in ridding the computer of viruses. It’ll just restore the computer to a time period when you didn’t have viruses; however, this also may end up removing some recently downloaded applications on your computer. Basically, if you restore your computer to a time, lets say… 5 months from now, anything you had saved on your computer since 5 months ago will be removed (this includes the virus.)

But yeah. To me it sounds like it’s hijacking your web browsers. If it is, it’s probably going undetected by a virus scan because it’s latched onto your web browsers rather having it’s own file on your computer. I would do a scan with Malwarebytes.

Hope things work out!

Life goals:


  • Get Ivny to fall in love with me tbh


After the success of the contest for designing Armin and Ken’s fan shirts, a new contest is now open on Amour Sucre to design Iris’ outfit for when she played in the concert in episode 14 (since unfairly, she was the only goddamn character who didn’t get an outfit even though your Candy, who didn’t even play in the band, did). More info can be found here: http://www.amoursucre.com/forum/t71732,1-design-cr%C3%A9%C3%A9-la-tenue-de-concert-d-iris-flood-2sem-de-ban.htm

This is the base that needs to be used when designing her outfit.

Best thing ever. *////w////*

*Fangirls for the rest of the night*

This sounds like fun!

I received illustrator among some other programs for my birthday last Sunday so I made myself a logo. Still not that great (thank you tumblr for your re-sizing low quality nonsense), but meh. Either way, quick pic yay! Now back to work…


It’s not even October yet but I don’t even care tbh U//v//U


My goal is to be that rich single aunt that flies everywhere and wears designer clothing and brings expensive gifts to her less successful family members


I finally got my laptop I use to draw back after it was being repaired for it’s fan dying back in July. Over a month without my 8 year beauty… *Hugs laptop* ;w;

Just doodling to make sure everything is working okay now. I’m so rusty, though. Blerg… ;o;

Also, this is a doodle for the Ken Club getting revamped! I’m excited to see it once it’s done. :3


A My Candy Love AU where Dakota shows interest in Candy without engaging in extremely rapey behavior.

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